"When performance is a must"

Welcome to OLYMPOS.


Olympos is a riding center in Kongsberg, Norway. The owners is the Hamre family. In the start there was mostly Arabian horses. Today the stables are riding horses and Arabian ridinghorses. It's a private stable. There are room for 50 horses. Indoor and outdoor riding arenas. The horses are educated from Grand Prix dressage to novice level for the young horses. There are always horses for sale and boxes for rent.

Results for Arabian sport horses. Modem is now sold to Peter Reichman, going Endurance on highest level.

Results for Arabian sport horses. Noginsk is still going strong. Placed on elite shows in Inter II dressage level.

The kids are having a good time in the fields with the young horses.

Mams baby. Except that he is 10 years now.

Page is under construction. If you want to contact us: horse@olympos.no


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